The Kinja logo: Back to basics

I've been working on many options and at one point decided to get back to basics. We need the logo to be simple, honest and coherent with Kinja's spirit. For this we need.

1. Easily recognizable mark at all sizes.

  • Basic geometry that acts as the button itself.
  • Big letter K.

2. Simple, readable logotype, coherent with our typography.

  • Proxima Nova Condensed.
  • Adjusted the letter J to make it compact, rhythmic, pleasant (now we don't have a big space between the N and J stems).

3. Have a narrative, meaning.

This hit me because Kinja is no longer only about publishing or conversations. It's that and framing. This logo captures this:

  • Framing: classic gesture with the fingers represents the personal point of view of the same content. Frame the details, frame the context, frame the truth.
  • Conversation: two dialog balloons merged in one.
  • Publishing: our paper heritage, respect for truth and honesty of journalism. Tabloid sensibility.

Front page and small icon


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