This delicious Hungarian pasta dish looks like boiled maggots

Our friend Anna Péter, from the food blog Malackaraj, continues to delight my virtual taste buds with another gross-looking Hungarian plate. This one is a maggot-like pasta called tojásos nokedly, a plate that you eat with a lettuce salad called fejes saláta. Apparently, it's one of Hungary's most iconic plates. » 3/12/15 5:41pm 3/12/15 5:41pm

Robert Downey Jr. delivers real Iron Man bionic arm to armless kid

I'm a sucker for happy stories, I make no excuses. So, when I saw Alex—a seven-year-old boy who was born with a partially developed arm and loves superheroes—meeting with Tony Stark himself—played by Robert Downey Jr—my heart started to melt. Then I saw Alex in awe with his new bionic arm, I was like... » 3/12/15 3:31pm 3/12/15 3:31pm

Scientists reveal the hidden structure and size of our galaxy

Our galaxy is not what we thought it was. According the paper Rings and Radial Waves in the Disk of the Milky Way—published in the Astrophysical Journalwe should call it the Corrugated Cardboard Galaxy, as shown in the diagram above. Even more surprising: It's 50-percent larger than previously thought. » 3/12/15 2:03pm 3/12/15 2:03pm

You Know the Apple Watch Will Be Useless Without These Battery Bracelets

Attenshun, Apple fans! Are you going to buy an Apple Watch? Shut up. I know you are. It is superfluous if you have an iPhone but fuck it—if Tim Cook can't live without it neither can you. YOU MUST GET IT. There is only one true, big, hairy but: Battery life will suck flea-infested monkey balls. Don't worry, I'm… » 3/10/15 12:05am 3/10/15 12:05am

Wow, China builds complete 57-story skyscraper in record 19 days

Sploid reader Xian Min Zhang sent us the latest time-lapse video of the construction of his latest building: A 57-floor 2-million-square-foot (180,000-square-meter) skyscraper fully built with energy-efficient, factory-produced Lego-like blocks. He claims that they are now building these at a record three floors per… » 3/09/15 1:13pm 3/09/15 1:13pm

This is what human cannonballs see when they get launched

Human cannonballs are not launched from real cannons but special cannons that use either springs or compressed air. That doesn't mean it is not risky: They suffer accelerations of 7G and can fly over a distance of 193 feet (59 meters). In fact, "more than 30 human cannonballs have died during the performance of this… » 3/09/15 11:37am 3/09/15 11:37am

Spectacular video of F-18s in never-before-seen action

Our friend Lieutenant Chris Nigus—Weapons Training Officer with the Strike-Fighter Squadron VFA-27 Royal Maces—sent us his new video, which has some truly spectacular shots that I have never seen before. Like the night shot footage above—we only had photos—or this cool landing footage from a carrier's deck camera. » 3/08/15 6:25pm 3/08/15 6:25pm

Amazing photos of naked people completely covered in honey (NSFW)

Behold the amazing photography of Black Little. This outstanding series belong to his latest monograph, called Preservation. It opens today at the Kopeikin Gallery in Culver City, California. If you are in Los Angeles, go see it. If you are not that lucky, you can see how beautiful it looks here [NSFW!] » 3/07/15 5:26am 3/07/15 5:26am

I want to spend an eternal summer on this sailboat

This is Salt, the newest yacht concept by Lujac Desautel. It is a sailboat. It has a clean design. It is very pretty. It is not my ideal sailboat—I like classic lines—but it is the kind of ship that I imagine Steve Jobs would have wanted instead of the horror he actually got. I would happily live in it forever. » 3/06/15 1:52pm 3/06/15 1:52pm

Two guys race up a 27-story building and jump down from the top 

Andy and Jean don't race like we did when we were kids. They put on their parachutes, run up abandoned buildings in South Africa, and then jump back down to the finish line. » 3/06/15 1:12pm 3/06/15 1:12pm

Just the Blue Angels doing their awesomeness

Excuse me for putting up another aerobatic shot this week, but I couldn't resist this image posted by the US Navy. Their position in the sky seems counterintuitive, yet it is perfectly normal for them. » 3/05/15 8:00pm 3/05/15 8:00pm

Can this picture of a frog riding a beetle be real or is it fake?

Petapixel has republished a great article about fake nature photos written by a group of nature photographers who are denouncing the abuses of some of their colleagues. Here it is, reproduced in its entirety. It answers the question—can this picture of a frog riding a beetle be real—and much more. » 3/05/15 6:00pm 3/05/15 6:00pm

Hey you, pulled pork mac & cheese on a glazed doughnut—in my mouth, now!

The USAF Thunderbirds in a perfect formation

If this hadn't been published by the US Air Force, I would think it's a fake and those F-16s from their Thunderbird exhibition team weren't real but cloned and perfectly aligned in Photoshop to form a delta formation. It was shot at the Daytona International Speedway during a practice flight for the Daytona 500… » 3/04/15 5:48pm 3/04/15 5:48pm

These guys making Japanese rice paste are freaking nuts

I love mochi—the Japanese cakes made from rice that gets smashed into a gooey, elastic paste. I like all shapes and types, savory or sweet, is one of my favorite things to eat. I know how it is made it but I never saw them doing them by hand. Crazy. » 3/04/15 4:53pm 3/04/15 4:53pm

You can think of all you want, but yes, your presence on Earth is the result of a staggering amount of accidents triggering other accidents. » 3/04/15 3:45pm 3/04/15 3:45pm