NFL's First Openly Gay Draft Pick Celebrated by Kissing His Boyfriend

Michael Sam, the University of Missouri football player who came out as gay in February, three months in advance of the NFL draft, was drafted this evening by the St. Louis Rams. He reacted the way any athlete would: by kissing his significant other. »5/11/14 12:06am5/11/14 12:06am

Brutally-honest posters of this year's Oscar-nominated films

What can I say about the films that came out in 2013 that hasn't already been said? Um, well, there was a disappointing lack of Michael Fassbender's penis this year. Ok, I admit, since I had my kid I haven't made it out to the theater that much. So I really appreciate College Humor's brutally-honest posters to get me… »1/19/14 1:52pm1/19/14 1:52pm

The Most Fucked Up Things People Have Said to Me During My Breakup

I’m a 28-year-old professional, and my relationship of five years recently ended. The breakup was friendly, mature, heart breaking and complicated. His family was my family. We had shared assets to divvy up, an apartment to set a timeline on moving out of, and long-formed habits to break like talking to each other… »10/12/13 5:58pm10/12/13 5:58pm

Government Shutdown Day 5: No End In Sight

The Government Shutdown — which has left children with cancer in the lurch, food benefits cut off, and members of congress still handsomely paid, along with a myriad of other bad stuff — has barreled into its fifth day, with still no substantive progress on a deal that would restore the Federal government. »10/05/13 11:13am10/05/13 11:13am

Things to Say Instead of 'That Takes Balls': A Definitive List

Okay. I am officially bored of this conversation about what we should say instead of "he's a pussy" or "that takes balls" if we want to talk about weakness or pluck without undermining our commitment to female empowerment. Because, YES, it is kind of sucky when lady-parts are stand-ins for wet, sloppy shittiness and… »10/03/13 6:17pm10/03/13 6:17pm

The Artificial Islands That Would Have Let Us Leapfrog the Atlantic

At the dawn of long-distance air travel only the very brave dared to cross something as vast as the Atlantic Ocean. If crisscrossing the globe by air was going to come to the masses, some people believed it would have to be helped along by some new innovations—like these artificial islands of the future, courtesy of… »10/03/13 1:42pm10/03/13 1:42pm

Dating Sucked Before Text Messages. Now It's Even Worse.

Everyone thinks love times were simpler in past eras, when you got married to the first guy you looked at the second you turned 16 after exactly three dates, one side-long glance, and an accidental hand-brush. But if Jane Austen has taught us anything, it's that it has never been simple to like a person, not even… »10/03/13 1:27pm10/03/13 1:27pm

Awesome Grandpa Shames Daughter After She Disowns Her Gay Son

Is there anything in the world better than a very wise and supportive and loving grandparent? Answer: maybe pizza, but probably not. As proof of this, I offer up an extremely moving letter that was posted on FUCKH8's Facebook page, in which a nameless grandfather berates his daughter for kicking her gay son out of… »10/03/13 12:19pm10/03/13 12:19pm

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